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With PNTaccess, residents can create their own access codes for their building’s front door, which they can then securely share with people who don’t live in the building, such as food couriers or friends.

The idea behind ​​the service is that each access code is valid only for a predetermined period of time. Thanks to the time limit, the code doesn’t pose a risk if it gets into the wrong hands. The use of PNTaccess improves the general housing security because the general door code is not distributed unnecessarily. 

PNTaccess helps to ensure the residents can sleep their nights peacefully.

A hand pushing number two on the iLoq code reader which is installed to a door.
The resident creates an access code with PNTmobile

The resident creates an access code with PNTmobile

The resident shares the access code with the right person

The resident shares the access code with the right person

The access code is valid for a limited time only

The access code is valid for a limited time only


Modern solution takes security to the next level

PNTaccess has been developed for the needs of residents and is therefore easy to use. Door codes that work for a limited time only increase security, and bring ease to the daily lives of residents, especially in buildings with no doorbells.

Also buildings with doorbells can benefit from using PNTaccess, as the doorbells may be off during the silence period and common rooms may not have a doorbell.

A hand opening a door to a building's hallway.
Screenshot from the PNTaccess view with an example message containing a passcode.

Customizable to meet various needs

The service works together with the iLOQ locking system. Also an iLOQ code reader is required on the front door so that the code can be entered.

The settings for the access code are fully customizable and can be defined according to the customer’s wishes. For example, it can be specified how many codes a resident can create in a given period of time and how long one code is valid for.

Residents can create access codes on the PNTmobile resident application and then share them with the desired people.


Conveniency for many types of situations

A temporary access code is useful in the following situations, for example:

  • a resident orders food and sends an access code to a food courier
  • a resident organizes a party and shares an access code, which is only valid during the party, with guests
  • a resident arranges a delivery or a pick up of an item sold at an online flea market and shares an access code with a buyer/seller
  • a resident invites a friend for a visit and wants to avoid walking to the front door.

Mobile phone's screen showing an email from PNTaccess with access code information.

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Technical details


Residents can generate PNTaccess access codes conveniently on the PNTmobile resident application.


The access codes are valid only for a predetermined period of time, which minimizes the security risk.


The access codes can be used in various situations, such as during parties or for food couriers’ deliveries.