iLOQ kulunohjaus ja varauskalenteri

iLOQ access control

The interface between One4all and iLOQ Manager ensures facility booking and access control work together seamlessly.


A resident books a common facility, such as sauna or a common area, for personal use.

The booking is transferred to iLOQ Manager and relayed to the PIN code reader at the door of the facility in question. The resident who made the booking can access the facility with their personal PIN code, and only at the booked time.

The benefits of ACCESS / RELAY CONTROL

  • Unlocking multiple doors for passage
  • Pre-activated relay control for sauna stoves
  • Relay control and power supply for laundry room equipment
  • Staggered access control for common facilities
  • Disabling common facility key for the booked period

We develop solutions in cooperation with iLOQ

We implement customized interfaces and solutions on a customer-specific basis. Our goal is to create a streamlined service that promotes a good resident experience and makes the work of building management easier.


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