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One4all Pay payment service

One4all Pay payment service makes it easier to pay – you no longer need to be billed separately for the use of common areas and housing services!

Payment for services is now just as easy as booking, if the use of the housing association’s paid common areas or housing services is connected to our digital booking calendar.

Through One4all Pay payment service, the resident pays securely with a debit or credit card via the digital booking calendar for the common space or other service at the moment of booking.

The resident makes a reservation

The resident makes a reservation

The resident confirms the payment with their own code

The resident confirms the payment with their own code

Booking payment is charged to the card

Booking payment is charged to the card

One4all Pay

The price charged by One4all Pay is determined on a calendar-by-calendar basis

The payment service is activated on a calendar-by-calendar basis, so the housing company can offer both paid utilies and free spaces.

Prices can be set according to the time of day so that, for example, the most desired time slots are more expensive than others, which means that the utilization rate can be evenly adjusted.

One4all Pay

One4all Pay guarantees secure payment

The resident pays for the reservation with either a debit or credit card. Card information is entered into the Paytrail Oy service via the One4all Mobile resident application.

The resident creates a personal verification code for themself, with which they acknowledge the booking fee each time they make a new booking.

One4all Pay

With One4all Pay, reservations do not need to be invoiced or charged separately

Reservations can be made via the One4all Mobile resident application, browser and stair display. The system checks the margin at the time of booking and confirms the booking only after the margin booking has passed. If the reservation is canceled in time, the margin reservation will be released.

Recurring bookings are charged automatically and payments are transferred directly to the condominium account. The settlement interval for income can be determined.

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Technical details

One4all Pay is easy to use

One4all Pay makes it easier for residents to manage booking fees. The resident only pays according to usage and stays up to date on charges.

One4all Pay is secure and reliable

Secure card payments through Checkout Finland guarantee that the resident’s payment information remains confidential.

Saves human resources

With no charge for booking fees, the hosting service or maintenance company can focus on other important tasks.