Kitte Hamilton
Kitte Hamilton
[email protected]
040 761 1923

One4all’s CEO, partner and co-founder, Kitte, is actively involved in all of the company’s operations and sets our company’s customer-oriented pace. Off work Kitte loves spending time with her family and friends the most.
Henry Hietavala
Henry Hietavala
[email protected]
0400 888 218

Henry, partner and co-founder of One4all, is responsible for sales and knows everything about our products and services, so you can ask him if you have any questions. Henry plays golf and basketball, as you maybe guessed.
Patricia Pousar
[email protected]
041 731 8640

Patricia is in charge of marketing and works closely with Sonja in all matters related to communication and marketing. Patricia’s heart beats for her son and dog, horses, drawing, and all things sweet and silly.
Sonja Koskelainen
[email protected]
041 730 3341

Sonja, responsible for One4all’s communications, is excited about the limitless possibilities of corporate communication. She is in charge of communication across all channels. Sonja can often be found in the slopes and hot yoga.
Mikko Määttä
System development and integrations
[email protected]
050 339 4575

One4all’s system guru Mikko knows all about the functions and settings of our system. He is also responsible for system development and the implementation of new solutions. When Mikko has free time he hits the slopes on his trick skis.
Keerti Sharma
System testing
[email protected]
040 626 5488

Keerti does software testing and produces reports using data analytics. In her free time she has taken a liking to playing chess with her son as he is good at it. She is learning by getting defeated by him most of times.
Waltteri Huhtaoja
Support and customer service
[email protected]
040 845 5000

Waltteri is in charge of One4all’s customer service and makes sure that our customers get the support and help they need, easily and quickly. In his free time Waltteri enjoys playing his guitar.
Mikael Salo
Support and testing
[email protected]
040 626 0611

Mikael is the other driving force of our customer service. He ensures that every customer receives first-class support in an efficient and positive manner. Mikael’s free time is filled with ice hockey and various board sports.
Wellness & HR
[email protected]

Pixi maintains the mental well-being of the staff in the office on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. She also does customer meetings by separate appointment. Pixi loves treats and hugs.


Kitte Hamilton
Member of the Board

Henry Hietavala
Chairman of the Board

Ville Salonen
Member of the board

Financial management

Pauliina Roth
[email protected]
040 5650 001