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Information integrations

It is possible to bring a lot of useful data and functions to our services through interfaces.

Resident information systems, rescue plans and energy management information can be imported via interface to One4all Manager management system. In addition access control systems and payment systems can be connected to our electronic booking calendar.

YLE news, various social media channels and digital transits (local traffic time incomes) are also connected to our system via interface integration and can be seen on the digital notice board.

Read more about our current interface solutions below and contact us if the interface you need does not yet appear on our website.

We are always willing to develop our system and ready to think of new interface solutions to improve resident communications and quality housing!

Interface automates data transfer

Interface automates data transfer

Interface eases management of ie. common areas

Interface eases management of ie. common areas

Interface saves resources

Interface saves resources

Information integration

Easy access to resident data

If Tampuuri, Visma Fivaldi or Hausvise system is in use residents’ name data can easily be transfered from the system to One4all Manager.

Bulletins and party information are also available via Tampuuri interface. Bulletins can be imported via Hausvise.

We also produce interfaces for rental housing companys’ own resident data systems.

PNTmanager screen view of Pelsu rescue plan
Information integration

Rescue plan

With rescue plan integration the residents have all the information related to housing and safety in one place and always available.

Through Pelsu rescue plan interface, it is possible to share an up-to-date rescue plan and action plan to both digital notice boards and One4all Mobile resident application. The customer can choose whether to share only on one or both of them.

Through Safetum interface the up-to-date rescue plan can be shared.

Information integration

Access control information to the booking calendar

We have produced several access control interfaces to different locking systems. Currently access control interfaces havebeen connected to iLOQ, SALTO KS and Rollock systems. ABLOY® ENTRY integration will also soon be available.

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