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Energy management

Increasing attention is being paid to housing and the housing company’s energy consumption, and housing companies are striving to minimize energy consumption in terms of both economic impact and sustainable development goals.

In connection with One4all’s digital notice board and the PNTmobile resident application, current housing company-specific information on residents’ energy consumption can be imported via interface, e.g. water consumption through the Smartvatten solution.

Our PNTmanager management system can be connected via interface to many different systems and we are happy to build interface solutions according to our customers’ wishes.

Digitla notice board shows Fiksuvesi water usage graphs for better energy management in housing.
Energy management

Smartvatten surveys the housing company’s water consumption

The Smartvatten service connected to our PNTmanager management system helps to manage and monitor the housing company’s water consumption. House-specific water consumption data helps residents understand the amounts and environmental impacts of their own water cultivation in practice, and quickly detecting potential leaks can save up to several tens of thousands of euros a year.

Smartvatten’s automated leak alert activates resident to check for possible leaks in their apartment.

Up-to-date consumption data is displayed on a monthly and daily basis with the clearest pictogram graphs distributed to the stair display and the PNTmobile resident application.

Residents can read consumption information on a digital notice board
Energy management

AFRY offers a comprehensive view of the building’s consumption data.

Our AFRY consumption data interface enables real-time data of water, electricity and heating consumption to be presented to the residents. Consumption data can be easily shared on the digital notice board and in the PNTmobile resident app.

When the actual consumption data is presented to the residents in an easy-to-understand format, it increases the residents’ consumption awareness and helps create a significant change in the residents’ daily consumption behavior.

Energy management

Relay control minimizes unnecessary power consumption

It is possible to connect relay control to the booking calendar in connection with iLOQ’s flow control. Relay control enables switching sauna heater on/off according to reservations, thus making prolonged heating of the sauna unnecessary.

In practice, this works in such a way that in connection with a sauna shift booked from the reservation calendar, the relay control starts and switches on the sauna heater at a given time before the sauna booking. If the shift is canceled, the heating is also canceled.

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