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Digital notice board

The digital notice board replaces traditional condominium stairwell boards, such as the name board and information board. In the digital notice board resident information is updated effortlessly and information on current issues is transmitted to residents in real time. Digital notice boards are typically installed in each staircase separately.

Updating information is quick and easy. Time between the property manager and the maintenance company is saved when the housing company’s communications are handled conveniently without leaving the office or home-office. Resident satisfaction is improved when residents receive up-to-date information easily and quickly.

The digital notice board can be ordered as a passive display or a touch display. The touch screen can take advantage of additional features, such as the booking calendar, and display more extensive content, such as a rescue plan or condominium guidelines and rules.

All digital notice board displays manufactured by One4all after April 2021 are carbon neutral, meaning that the resulting CO2 emissions are compensated for nature projects.

Communication is in real time

Communication is in real time

Communication is easy and efficient

Communication is easy and efficient

Digital communication saves resources

Digital communication saves resources

Digital notice board

Easy accessible resident information

Residents can easily and up-to-date read general bulletins and messages on the stairwell display.

The screen view is easy to customize and the prioritization and duration of the content is easy to manage, as well as change as needed.

The same content can be shared onto several or chosen stairwells and the digital notice board can only be used for communication, ie. without the resident information view, if wanted.

All publishing details are easy to manage on One4all Manager.

Digital notice board

Easy access to the booking calendar

Residents can access the electronic booking calendar with their own IDs from the touch-screen display, where they can make, change, or cancel their reservations at the condominium’s common areas such as laundry, sauna, clubhouse or other available services such as shared car or shared bicycle.

Digital notice board

Part of everyday residential life, accessible

From the housing company’s digital notice board display, you can also easily glance at YLE’s news, daily weather information, time and date or commuter traffic schedules.
Digital notice boards serve all residents – the reading view can be lowered, the font size can be increased and the most suitable language can be selected from the language menu, when language content is available.

Technical details

Domestic (FIN) enclosure

The high-quality domestic One4all enclosure for stair displays is CE marked and complies with current directives.

5 mm tempered safety glass protects the equipment from even harder shocks.

Display dimensions

Size: 491 x 1002 x 90 mm.

Weight: total weight of the equipment 30–35 kg

Enclosure options

Indoor enclosure class IP20.

Available in full black or black / roster enclosure. Also ask us about outdoor enclosures. Both passive and touch screens are available for outdoor use.

“Digital notice boards are noticed!”

Digital communication has increased resident satisfaction.

Marjut Joensuu
Nurmijärven Kodit Oy

Employees have experienced digital notice boards as convenient channels for quickly accessing information for residents.

Marjut Joensuu
Nurmijärven Kodit Oy

The digitalisation of housing is one way to make a block the best in Europe.

Marina Paulaharju
Head of Administration and Communications at the Seamen's Pension Fund

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