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One4all Manager

The One4all Manager management system makes the work of the property manager, the board and the maintenance company easier. The system is easy to use, reliable and meets the needs of resident communications and resident services.

One4all Manager makes it easy to create, schedule and share bulletins, messages or documents. Conducting resident surveys and managing resident data and housing services are possible in a variety of ways.

The system makes it easy to manage the content of digital notice boards and the One4all Mobile resident application, as well as our reservation calendar services for common areas or other common assets in a residential property.

Communication is in real time

Communication is in real time

Communication is fast and efficient

Communication is fast and efficient

Digital communication saves resources

Digital communication saves resources

One4all Manager

One4all Manager works from anywhere, anytime

The One4all Manager management system works in a browser, so it can be used in the office, remote office, or anywhere via a smart device or computer. Scheduled functions, e.g. scheduled releases and messages, facilitate workload management and scheduling.

No more labels to print and deliver or dozens of different folders. All files and information are available and archived in one place. Pdf files can be uploaded from the system for printing or other sharing if wanted.

One4all Manager

One4all Manager makes it easy to manage booking calendars

One4all Manager defines the settings for the reservation calendars for the common areas of the housing association. All bookings are in one place, easy to update and manage. Adding booking calendars is fast and simple (requires a few minutes of our system operators service), after which setting user-specific restrictions is easy.

One4all Manager

One4all Manager allows you to focus content as needed

From the management system, you can choose in which building, block or stairwell you want to display the content. It is easy to limit the visibility of content, presentation time and target audience (One4all Mobile resident application). The timer function can also be used to create content that will be published later or repeatedly in advance, for example, a weekly reminder about residents’ open sauna or night time silence.

Creating content with the text editor is simple and adding attachments or files is easy. Resident and display-specific language definitions help reach out to all residents.

“Easy to use and comprehensive!”

Writing and sending a message as a push message is very simple and fast.

Jan Lindros
Housing Manager

From experience, I can say that using this communication system is quite straightforward!

Liisa Vähäjylkkä
Kalasatama residents' committee

This remotely upgradable communication system is a great solution for us!

Ville Härkönen
Housing Manager, Talopro Oy

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Henry Hietavala, sales

Easy to use and a flexible management system

Access easily

Access rights are easy to manage and create, so it’s convenient to create temporary IDs as needed. Timed activities make it easier for traffickers in particular, and resident communication remains consistent.

Constantly evolving

Thanks to the flexibility of the management system, it is possible to develop it in many ways and quickly. We carry out continuous system development together with our customers, to enable an even better user experience.

Easily access to information through interfaces

Data imported from external services can be easily displayed through interfaces. It is also possible to export data from the management system to external systems, eg to the housing association’s own website with an rss feed.