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Booking calendar

The digital booking calendar makes it easy to book and manage housing services (ie. laundry, sauna, dryer), and other common assets. Reservations are always up-to-date, and no more human resources are spent on checking handwritten booking booklets. No more receiving reservations, handing over keys or even starting the sauna heater – everything works electronically via the booking calendars.
Managing booking calendars is easy with the PNTmanager management system.

Residents can make reservations from the digital notice boards equiped with touch feature, as well as from the PNTmobile resident application on their smartphone or browser. It is possible to connect the PNTpay payment service to the calendar, in which case there is no longer a need for separate invoicing – the reservation is charged as its being reserved.

Easy reservation with just a few clicks

Easy reservation with just a few clicks

Reservations always up to date

Reservations always up to date

Secure payment by PNTpay payment service

Secure payment by PNTpay payment service

Booking calendar

Up to date booking information

Real-time updated electronic booking calendars are a relief for both the resident and the housing manager. Residents can book common rooms and services with a few clicks. The housing manager sees the current booking situation in real time through the PNTmanager management system.

All booking calendar settings are easily configured from the management system. With just a few clicks, it is easy to determine:

-when a commodity can be booked

-what is the maximum number of bookings per inhabitant

-what is the maximum number of active bookings.

It is also easy to set maintenance closures or other exception dates and prices for paid services in the electronic booking calendar.

Booking calendar

Access granted at reserved time

It is possible to connect access control in connection with the booking calendars. This allows the resident to enter the booked space with their own PIN code or access code during the time reserved. Misuse of the facilities is reduced and security is increased.

Multiple bookings (eg. laundry) can be allowed in the same space and general bookings (ie. jogging sauna) can be made. Reservations may even be permitted for non-residents if wanted.

The access control for booking calendars currently works in conjunction with the iLOQ, Salto KS and Rollock systems.

Booking calendar

Booking payments

The PNTpay payment service can be connected to the booking calendar, which makes it possible to charge for paid services smoothly in connection with bookings. The resident manages his or her own payment cards securely and acknowledges the payment with his or her own PIN, which creates a margin reservation on the reservation. Services will be charged automatically after the cancellation period.

Screen view of PNTpay for paying booking calendar reservations

Customer story

Digital resident communications and housing services as part of everyday life

Customer story

The Seamen's Pension Fund's Harpoon supports communality with digital service platform

“Booking details always available and up to date”

The fact that we have digitized communications is a sign of the quality of our services and a message that we are involved in development.

Teemu Paakkanen
Isännöintitoimisto Talopro

Everyone seems to be learning to use the booking system really fast!

Housing secretaries Nina and Jenni
NAL Asunnot Oy

Do you have some questions or can I offer you some more information?

Give me a call or send me an email – I would love to hear how we can be of assistance to you.

Henry Hietavala, sales

Easy booking management of house services and premises

Sauna relay control

Through its reservation calendar, it is possible to remotely control the relay control of the sauna heater via iLOQ’s access control system.
Relay control connected directly to the charges reduces unnecessary power consumption and site visits.

The work of reservation managers made easier

The work of management and maintenance is made easier and the workload is greatly reduced as many of the work involved in reserving premises, billing and opening doors is eliminated.

Booking calndar for many needs

The space connected to the booking calendar can also be easily shared for use by outsiders. As long as access control can be connected to the space, it is easy to manage users’ payments and routes via the electronic booking calendar.