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This is what our clients have said about us and our services

The system is really easy for us employees to use. I believe residents’ contacts have decreased as a result of this, and this allows us to free up time for other work. For example, the system automatically sends IDs to the new resident to the application and to the space reservations for the touch screens, as well as to use the PIN code spaces.
– Päivi Ojala, Service Manager of NAL Asunnot Oy

The cooperation with its services has been more than commendable. One4all has always kept us up to date right from the moment the installations progress. The program has been developed to be user-friendly, and our development suggestions have been taken into account. The training of new users to use the system has been successful without training, only with instructions, which should be a testament to the ease of use of the software.
– Minna Huttunen, Kruunuasunnot Oy

The possibilities of the digital communication and booking calendar system developed by One4all are versatile! The service comprehensively supports the strategic goals of our housing association.
– Eino Rantala, Chairman of the Board of As Oy Säästötuki

The cooperation with One4all has been seamless. The services are easy to use, and now that they have become familiar to the residents, everything is running smoothly and there are no contacts from the residents about bookings, except in exceptional situations.
– Oskari Salminen, Property Manager, Kojamo

Finland’s last functioning customer service operates in this company. Contacts are answered and tasks are handled. What more could you want!
– Petri Hyvönen, Housing Manager

I recommend the One4all service to our customers too! We provide cleaning services and this kind of digital communication system greatly facilitates our work. Our cleaners can describe and report in real time about problems they see in condominiums on the spot. From this office, I manage the year-round cleaning information through the same system. I schedule announcements in advance and update the content in no time. A really sensible and easy to use system!
– Mari Laaksonen, Cleanmarin Oy, Executive Director

Great cooperation. As the manager of rental housing companies, we have a constant need for information for residents, which means that we need to produce a lot of information for residents quickly. With a smart board, it’s easy when you just sit on the machine and you can inform residents immediately without duplication or newsletter distribution processes. The board should be available to every condominium.
– Anna-Leena Tolonen, Retta Management Oy

Excellent service and good tools. One4all’s digital notice boards are extremely simple to use and easy to update. I hope that as many housing companies as possible will adopt them.
– Hannaleena Kuutilo, Walttari Oy

Excellent service and quick response to service requests.
– Kirsi Kautola, Jykes Kiinteistöt Oy

In rental housing companies in particular, information is provided quite frequently, as the “pace of housing” is louder and residents do not belong to the board or attend the general meeting. With these communication tools, information is up-to-date and effective.
– Anssi Tikkanen, Retta Management Oy

The value of a rental house clearly rises in the eyes of tenants when they see a neat stairwell and a modern stairwell when they enter the stairwell. At the heart of my own hosting service is digitalisation, and these scoreboards along with the app fit perfectly into my service concept.
– Jere Sorvari, Prodomus Oy

The One4all manager system is easy to use even for seniors. Bulletins and content are easy to enter, and the timer allows you to specify in advance what content will be displayed on the digital stair display.
– Altti Aronen, Chairman of the housing board, As Oy Hillervonportti, Pori

In our new developments, these resident-friendly communication tools are part of the Housing Services we offer.
– Jaana Salminen, LähiTapiola Kiinteistövarainhoito Oy

We have the most efficient and secure management of a large user base and multiple spaces through a reservation calendar system created for the cloud service base, as well as lock and access control integration.
– Sanna Uotila, Service Designer, Setlementti­asunnot Oy

Very sensible interface solution with One4all! Digital integration with common space reservation calendars supports flexible allocation of access rights. It is safe to book and use the premises with the resident’s personal PIN code.
– Roni Aaltonen, iLOQ

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