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NAL Asunnot invests in the development of its properties with digital solutions

Digital resident communication is an investment

NAL Asunnot Oy develops and offers services that support the success of independent living, for example by investing in the maintenance of its houses, so that residents have an increasingly safe and comfortable place to live in their houses.

NAL Asunnot Oy, a rental house company that builds youth housing, rents apartments for young adults in different parts of Finland. NAL Asunnot Oy has been investing in real estate development with digital solutions for several years. The digital communication and booking calendar system developed by One4all, now introduced, offers new opportunities to meet young adults on a low threshold, enabling them to find the right services for them, even from their own home sofa.

Digital booking calendars for common room bookings

All of NAL Asunnot Oy’s houses have several common areas for residents to use, and for this reason the digital booking calendar system makes it much easier to manage many calendars as well as to book rooms and machines (eg. washer, dryer). Residents can make reservations both through digital stair displays in the stairwells and from home with the PNTmobile resident app.

There have been positive experiences with the introduction of the reservation system.

“In the beginning, there was feedback about the shifts, but everyone seems to be learning to use the booking system really quickly,” say NAL Asunnot Oy’s housing secretaries Nina and Jenni.

No extra keys are needed, as access to the premises takes place at the time reserved by entering the resident’s personal PIN code. The reservation calendar and access control system thus also prevents harmful and intentional access to the common areas of the houses.

Digital resident communication in multiple channels

NAL Asunnot Oy invests in active resident communication. In addition to general information related to housing, the housing counselor prepares bulletins and communicates to residents about resident activities. In addition to condominium-specific resident communications, a wider opportunity to provide information has been perceived as a useful feature.

“The digital information boards show the announcements of both the individual house and the houses in the surrounding areas. It makes our work much easier when we can communicate and send bulletins to different destinations through the same system”, comments Housing Secretary Nina.

The stair screens and resident application of the house built by NAL Asunnot Oy in Helsinki’s Kruunuvuorenranta also show regional communication, as Kruunuvuorenrannan Palvelu Oy informs the residents of the area about the activities of the entire residential area.

Benefits of one management system for NAL Asunnot Oy’s employees

In addition to the service manager, NAL Asunnot Oy’s employees manage the content, communication and information of the digital stair screens and the residents’ application, as well as the housing manager, the property manager and the housing instructor of the Youth Housing Association’s local associations. The PNTmanager management system has been developed taking into account the operating needs of several users. Rights to use the system can be defined for each target, user and content.

“The system is really easy for all of us to use. I believe residents ’contact with us has decreased as a result of this, and this has allowed our employees to free up time for other work. For example, the system automatically sends IDs to the new resident for the application and touch screen space reservations, as well as for the use of PIN code spaces”, says Päivi Ojala, Service Manager at NAL Asunnot Oy.

In the opinion of NAL Asunnot Oy’s employees, it makes sense that the same system combines both the flow of information between employees and residents and the booking calendars for common areas.

“Ideally, we would have the same system in as many locations as possible,” says Service Manager Päivi Ojala.

NAL Asunnot Oy
The Youth Housing Association, or NAL, is the guardian of youth housing, and its subsidiaries are both NAL Asunnot Oy and NAL Palvelut Oy. NAL Asunnot Oy is a non-profit company that builds and rents affordable apartments for young adults starting work.

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