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Sustainability is important to us and we therefore want to offer our customers a responsible alternative

Already when the company was founded, one of the leading business ideas has been to ensure a smooth ecological alternative to hundreds of thousands of printable sheets and their delivery, in addition to ensuring smooth resident communication. There is constant pressure in the construction industry to develop operations to be more responsible, more environmentally friendly, more climate-friendly and to meet the needs of sustainable development. We want to support our customers to meet the needs of sustainable development by offering them a pre-mapped and carbon-neutral product.

The construction and real estate industry has created a lot of carbon-neutral goals and we want to offer our customers a product whose carbon footprint has been clarified and compensated.

Measures for accountability

It is clear that the materials, manufacture and use of digital notice boards also emits carbon dioxide. In the spring of 2020, we launched a project to calculate the carbon footprint of our digital notice board displays, and Nordic Offset Ltd, a Finnish expert company specializing in carbon footprint calculation, began to map our consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

In April 2021, we received a completed calculation report that clarified the CO2 emissions from the various production stages, as well as a separately prepared proposal on offsetting. The calculation was performed using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) principle. Life cycle assessment is a standardized way of determining the climate impact of different stages of a product’s life cycle. The production, logistics, installation, use and decommissioning of the digital stair display were taken into account in the calculation. As much as 96% of emissions came from the procurement of materials.

Carbon footprint management is a sign of responsibility and that is why it was important for us at One4all to find out how big a carbon footprint our digital notice boards make in order to better meet the needs of a cleaner environment. One4all’s intent is to manufacture and resell a completely carbon neutral product.

One4all CO2 neutral logo
From this logo marks that the One4all digital notice board is carbon neutral. All of our displays purchased after April 2021 are carbon neutral, meaning that the resulting CO2 emissions are offset by climate-friendly projects.

We compensate CO2 emissions from our digital notice boards for the following climate-friendly projects:

Carbon dioxide binds to building insulation material made from recycled materials
newspapers. Carbon dioxide removal is considered to be long-lasting when it occurs
through the construction of buildings.

Ekovilla thermal insulation can be used as well
in new construction and renovation of old houses, and its carbon stock is estimated
last for at least 50 years. The recycled paper used in the insulation comes from sustainably grown wood, which is why Ekovilla binds more carbon than it produces.

The project will protect the Rimba Raya area from deforestation in southeast Borneo, Indonesia.
The reserve covers 64,000 hectares and is home to hundreds of species, including
to the endangered borneonorang. The incidence of borneonorang has been reduced by 95% with this

Borneo has suffered from deforestation for decades, and its remaining rainforests
are at risk of extinction due to timber harvesting, mineral mining and palm oil production,
in addition to illegal logging.
The main protection mechanism of the project is to secure the sustainable livelihood of the locals.

Local communities have developed the Humbo afforestation project together with the NGO World Vision. It aims to strongly protect the southwestern part of Ethiopia
degraded forest and plant new trees to support the long-term ecosystem of the area

Members of the seven communities living near the project area are directly responsible
implementation of the project and have already planted more than 76,000 trees. Carbon bound to the forest
the number increases through the planting of new trees as well as forest protection. The project covers a total area of 3,227 hectares in the Humbo and Sodo area and is estimated to capture 1,052,183 tCO2e of greenhouse gas emissions. The project is estimated to benefit more than 50,000 locals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN has listed 17 sustainable development goals to change the world. Compensation projects to offset CO2 emissions from digital notice boards meet these targets, and Rimba Raya’s protection project meets all of them.

UN 17 sustainable development goals
The UN has set 17 sustainable development goals. These targets are broadly covered by our compensation targets.

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