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Digital communication has increased resident satisfaction at Nurmijärven Kodit Oy

Over the past couple of years, Nurmijärven Kodit Oy has developed electronic residential communications in many ways. The results appear in the customer satisfaction survey.

In last year’s survey, residents hoped to improve the flow of information. We have responded quickly to wishes and, among other things, revamped our website, set up Facebook pages for the company and introduced One4all stair displays in new locations. A recently conducted new survey showed that satisfaction with the information is now at a good level, says CEO Marjut Joensuu.
The resident satisfaction survey was also conducted in a new way as a text message survey. The response rate was higher than with the traditional implementation.

Systematic communication enhances operations

Marjut sees the needs of resident communications extensively. The need for information and communication applies to all their activities, from the situation of applying for housing to the emigration of the resident, and to all activities in between.

In addition to electronic means, the company uses traditional paper bulletins on notice boards or distributed by apartment as communication channels. Residents’ events and especially house committees are also important communication channels in both directions.

Systematic resident communication reduces the workload elsewhere and makes maintenance operations more efficient, for example. That is why we have communicated the contact information effectively, for example, so that the residents know to be in direct contact with the service if necessary, says Marjut.

Resident activities have also been promoted specifically through communication. The result has been an increase in the number of house committees or liaison officers in the houses.

We have prepared guidelines for residents on the website. Next year, we will also introduce an appropriation that the housing committees can apply for to promote living comfort, for example for the renovation of a club room, Marjut says.

Digital notice boards have proven to be effective communication channels

Nurmijärven Kodit Oy currently has 1,808 rental apartments. Two new projects have been completed within a year. One4all notice board displays were acquired for both.

Employees have experienced digital notice boards as convenient channels for quickly accessing information for residents. The screens proved to be effective channels of communication in the various guidance situations associated with the move. They also reduced the workload when there was no need to distribute the bulletins to the houses, says Marjut.

The acquisition of stair displays is also being considered for future larger apartment building projects. Nurmijärvi Homes also aims to make a renovation plan for the old houses in the near future. Also in this context, the acquisition of stair screens is being considered, especially if residents live in the house during repairs.

We have not thought about it so much in terms of euros but to facilitate communication with residents, explains Marjut.

Communication also affects the image of rental housing

Marjut believes that the means of communication will also affect an important issue for municipal companies, the reputation of rental housing.

The resident satisfaction survey highlighted in particular that we have a lot of long-term residents and that our houses are quiet and good places to live. We have a marketing campaign going on, where we use electronic communication to tell you about our vacant apartments and show you how nice apartments we have to offer. We want to work long-term to ensure that rental housing is also understood as suitable for permanent housing, says Marjut.

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