Digitaalinen porrasnäyttö – porrastaulu, joka päivittää taloyhtiön nykypäivään


We offer multi-channel digital tools for developing resident communications and services

Digital notice boards provide a modern, easy-to-use and versatile communications channel for residential properties.

The notice boards make communications more efficient, saving building managers’ time and resources and helping them improve their service.

Our selection of digital notice boards includes both passive and touchscreen models and are a value-adding alternative to traditional notice boards and resident directories.

Our notice boards’ quality housing is certified according to 2006/95/EY and fulfils the standards of EN61439. 5 mm safety glass protects the device from harder impacts. It also meets the international IP20 classification.



Our selection of digital notice boards includes both passive and touchscreen models.      




pnt®mobile app


PNT®mobile also works on other devices through a browser.

PNT®mobile is a mobile app that we develop according to the needs of residential communications. It provides a real-time communications channel between building management and residents.

PNT®mobile also works on other devices through a browser and can also be used as the housing company’s internal intranet page. The app works seamlessly with our digital noticeboards but is also a good standalone alternative for buildings that don’t want to invest in a digital notice board.




PNT®manager enables stakeholders to update the digital notice board and PNT®mobile app.

Building management and resident communications management system. PNT®manager is developed to meet the communications needs of residential property managers. The system enables stakeholders like residents’ committee members, building supervisors, janitors, and service companies to update the digital notice board and PNT®mobile app in real time.

Ease of use, a deep understanding of the needs of both residential management and residents, as well as continuous development of communications and services are key elements of our services. We continuously develop the system in co-operation with our customers.


Digital booking calendar


Booking calendars are used by both digital notice board and PNT®mobile app.

Booking calendars for a building’s common facilities, as well as integration with iLOQ and SALTO KS access control systems, are also part of our service.





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