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Our first digital notice board outside of Finland

We are proud to announce our new conquest! At the end of the year, One4all took its first step towards the international market when our digital notice board was installed in YIT’s new building in Slovakia. This is the first time that One4all’s digital notice board is in use outside of Finland.

Where did it all begin and how does a Finnish digital notice board work in another country? One4all’s CEO Kitte Hamilton tells us the story behind the first step in One4all’s internationalization.

“Since the very beginning, the core of our operations has been based on providing high-quality products and first-class service. Therefore, our strategy has never been a fast world conquest. We rather maintain good control and first ensure everything works well even in potential abroad destinations. We are taking small but steady steps forward”, explains Kitte Hamilton.

Pitkähiuksinen nainen koskettaa porrasnäyttöä porraskäytävässä
The digital notice board and the booking calendar are ready for the new residents.

Cooperation across the borders

Ultimately, it all started effortlessly as Kitte was approached by One4all’s contract partner YIT. YIT’s subsidiary company in Slovakia wanted to have a digital notice board and a digital booking calendar for its new building in Slovakia. The digital notice boards are a familiar sight at YIT’s Finnish sites, and since the concept works impeccably in Finland, it felt natural to launch a joint project abroad. Soon Kitte had a contact person at YIT’s Slovakian subsidiary and the project kicked off.

“We worked directly with the contact person in Slovakia, which brought its own fruitful addition to the project. Soon the digital notice board traveled from Finland to Slovakia and was installed to a new building. Residents of the new building are getting acquainted with modern resident communications via the digital notice board as soon as they move in. YIT has its own housing portal, YIT PLUS, in which our booking calendar has been taken into use. Residents can make reservations conveniently either on the touch screen notice board or through our reservation calendar in YIT’s portal”, Kitte describes.

Also the Slovakians have been pleased with the outcome.

“We appreciate the cooperation with One4All, everything went fast and smoothly, from implementation, delivery to installation of digital display. Our goal is to give residents in our housing projects all the important information at once and provide them with a fast reservation system, fully compatible with our own client online portal. We are happy we have found a reliable partner in One4all so far.”

Customer Care Department, YIT Slovakia

The journey of internationalization has now successfully begun, and the ambition is to expand cooperation in a controlled manner in the future as well. One4all’s mission is to enable high-quality resident communications for everyone – even across national borders. We hope we are able to share more exciting news about global cooperation with you soon.

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