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Announcement of One4all board changes

Ville Salonen joins the board

Lawyer and deputy judge Ville Salonen (pictured) joined One4all’s Board of Directors on June 1, 2021, and at the same time Real Estate Advisor Reijo Savolainen, who served as One4all’s Chairman of the Board, resigned from the Board.

“I look forward to joining One4all’s board, to support the success story of a Finnish growth company. In my own role, I not only challenge and mentor management, but also bring with me external expertise in business law issues that require external expertise – especially in terms of internationalization and business development, ”comments Ville Salonen on his new role.

Reijo Savolainen resigns after several years of co-operation

“Heartfelt thanks to Reijo for the great cooperation, help and insight, as well as the understanding we have gained in running rental housing companies through Reijo’s extensive experience. It has been wonderfully easy and uncomplicated to work together and we are deeply grateful that Reijo has been a part of our company, ”says Kitte Hamilton, CEO and partner of One4all.

“I am grateful to have been involved in the management of a front-line corporate communications company for these years. It has been a pleasure to see and experience the determined development of the company. In line with its strategy, the company is now moving to a new growth curve. The appreciation given by customers has created an opportunity for that, ”Reijo Savolainen concludes.

New Chairman of the Board, Henry Hietavala

Henry Hietavala, a partner in One4all, was appointed the new Chairman of the Board.

“One4all is currently in a situation where, according to our strategy updated in the spring, we are looking for extensive growth in the coming years, both at home and abroad. Our customer base has multiplied, our service has undergone major developments in recent years, and in addition, our internal processes have evolved to allow future growth to be pursued. I look forward to taking on the role of Chairman of the Board of One4all and will leave with positivity and energy to take the company towards the next big goal! ” says Hietavala.

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