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PNTmobile resident application

The PNTmobile resident application is a modern housing service platform that enhances resident communications and the provision of housing services. Through the application, the information reaches the resident in real time and the housing services are always included in the resident’s own smartphone. PNTmobile is a powerful communication tool that also works in a browser.

The resident application works as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with our digital notice board, enabling multi-channel communication and resident services.

The app is downloadable for Android and iOS devices and as said, also functions on a browser. The app completely replaces the condominium website and offers much more versatile features than a website. Through the application, residents can be easily and efficiently reached even in crisis and emergency situations.

PNT® is a registered trademark.

Communication is in real time

Communication is in real time

Communication is easy and efficient

Communication is easy and efficient

Digital communication saves resources

Digital communication saves resources


The PNTmobile resident app reaches anywhere, anytime

Through PNTmobile, residents can be reached anywhere, anytime and can take care of their housing-related matters from anywhere, according to their own schedule.

For important messages, the resident receives a push notification on their phone and a read receipt indicates whether the message has been read.


The PNTmobile resident application has a variety of features

Through the PNTmobile resident app, residents can read bulletins, send read receipts, receive and send messages to service, property manager and other residents, notify the flea market, read home folder usage instructions and condominium documents, respond to inquiries, and manage and pay for their housing reservations.

PNTmobile works as a smartphone application and through a browser, ie it can also be used on a computer if desired.


The PNTmobile resident app also has a booking calendar and PNTpay

Through the booking calendar connected to PNTmobile, the resident can book and manage their own reservations for housing services in real time, for example laundry shifts or sauna shifts. Paid services are easy to pay with the PNTpay payment service that can be connected to the booking calendar.

“Always within reach of the resident, regardless of time and place!”

Digital communication has increased resident satisfaction.

Marjut Joensuu
Nurmijärven Kodit Oy

The digitalisation of housing is one way to make a block the best in Europe.

Marina Paulaharju
Head of Administration and Communications at the Seamen's Pension Fund

From experience, I can say that using this communication system is quite straightforward!

Liisa Vähäjylkkä
Kalasatama residents' committee

Do you have some questions or can I offer you some more information?

Give me a call or send me an email – I would love to hear how we can be of assistance to you.

Henry Hietavala, sales

Smooth communication with PNTmobile

All content in one place

In the resident folder, all the instructions and rules necessary for living are easy to find and up to date.
Documents and protocols are easy to download and their visibility can be limited to defined groups.

Available to everyone

While smartphones are very common, it is important to be able to access the app through a browser as well.
The application has been made as easy to use as possible and constant attention is paid to its accessibility.

Easy management system

PNTmobile content is easy to manage from anywhere with a browser-based PNTmanager management system. We assist in the implementation of PNTmanager and customize the management functions.