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Our new mobile app One4all Mobile has been published

We have big news! Our new mobile app One4all Mobile has just been published.
The new app has been designed to serve its users even better than the old one, with better focus on usability and accessibility.

One4all Mobile will replace the old app PNTmobile, which will still continue to work alongside the new app until April 30th. All existing PNTmobile users must transfer onto using the new app by the end of April, after which time PNTmobile will no longer function.

Answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the new app:

  • One4all Mobile can be found and downloaded in Google Play Store and App Store by searching for the name One4all Mobile.
  • The app can also be used in a browser at
  • Users log in by using the same credentials as before on PNTmobile. Existing users will not need to re-register.
  • All content for One4all Mobile is managed in the same managing system as before, only the name of the system has changed from PNTmanager to One4all Manager.
  • All existing content will automatically transfer from PNTmobile to One4all Mobile (ie. news, bulletins, calendar bookings)
The new app design has focused on usability and accessibility to create a better user experience.

New service names for all PNTrelated service names

As PNTmobile is being replaced by the new One4all Mobile app we are also changing the names of all other formerly PNT-named services.

The services are now called:

One4all Manager (formerly PNTmanager)
One4all Pay (formerly PNTpay)
One4all Access (formerly PNTaccess)

These services will continue to function just as before, only the names have changed.

Questions? Please contact us

If you are not currently using the residential mobile app in your property, but are interested in the service please contact our sales:
[email protected]

Do you have questions about the new app? We are happy to answer your questions:
[email protected]

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