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Fiscal year 2021–2022: What could we do more or differently?

Wait a minute… What happened in the last fiscal year? It’s time to look back and reflect on the most successful fiscal year in One4all’s history.

The first thought is what did we actually do? I can’t remember even though we did a lot – and worked hard!

The hard work also shows in the turnover, which grew by a whopping 67% from the previous fiscal year! At the end of the fiscal year the turnover was €1,792,000. I am very pleased and proud that we reached our goal clearly.

There are many important factors behind these great numbers; meaning our employees. During the fiscal year, we grew our One4all family by hiring new personnel. We strengthened our customer service, testing, sales, marketing and communications by welcoming Mikael, Keerti, Visa, Patricia and Sonja to our team.

One4all team (Waltteri, who was on summer vacation, is missing from the picture).

The fiscal year brought growth, and also a chance to pause and reflect

During the fiscal year, we regularly stopped and thinked about how we should continue to develop our services. We are always actively improving our services and the service portfolio is becoming more diverse all the time. During this past fiscal year we have developed new interfaces and published a new additional service, PNTaccess.

Then the thought shifted in another direction. We started to think about how we could serve and support our customers even better, so that it is even easier for them to use our service. What could we do more or differently? This question and a strong customer focus guided our operations during the end of the fiscal year and will continue to guide us in the future.

More than half a million bookings and carbon-neutral digital notice boards

During the fiscal year period, we invested in the development of analytics and this important development is still ongoing. We can now provide our customers useful reports that include data which helps our customers to improve and develop their own services.

I am particularly proud of the fact that this fiscal year we delivered only carbon-neutral digital notice boards to our customers for the first time. Another source of pride is the popularity of our digital booking calendar, which is proven by almost 700,000 bookings made during the fiscal year.

Gratefully looking towards the next fiscal year

Now that I think about it more carefully, I actually had a lot of memories from this fiscal year! It was difficult to grasp them at first, because the year was so eventful. However, I won’t forget the most important thing; the enablers of all this!

Thank you to our employees for the effort you have given to achieve our common goal. Thanks to the partners with whom it has been a pleasure to work. And thanks to you, our amazing customers, who enable the continuity of our operations and the development of our services.

– Kitte

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