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The Seamen’s Pension Fund’s Harpoon supports communality with digital service platform

An urban village community of one thousand inhabitants

Rising next to Turku Castle, right next to the city center, the Harpoon Quarter will be an ecological and cozy entity of twelve apartment buildings, where the community of residents is supported by a digital service platform. The uniquely located block is designed with heart and extreme professionalism. The approximately 500 apartments of various sizes in the houses will offer a home to a thousand satisfied residents upon completion. In addition to the block of flats and the secure courtyard, the residents of the block also have access to a new type of digital platform that enables services that increase living comfort and security. The almost completely self-sufficient block provides an urban home for about a thousand residents.

High-quality construction and housing also requires resident-oriented management

We visited Turku’s magnificent Harpoon Quarter, built by the Seamen’s Pension Fund, and its property managers, Jan Lindros and Sari Saarenpää, who immediately made an impression with their service attitude and resident orientation.

As a property manager, it is a special pleasure to be involved in the everyday life of an object like the Harpoon Quarter, where community and other sustainable solutions have been carefully thought out at the planning stage and implemented with piety, Sari and Jan say when presenting the block’s future residential building. In the future, residents can spread a blanket on the green roof of the house and enjoy a picnic and views in the direction of Turku Castle.

According to the property managers, communication that takes into account the daily life of the resident can effectively create a good positive team spirit in the block. When it comes to a new destination, it is especially important to pay attention to how you communicate, as it is important to create a confidential and good customer relationship with residents right from the start.

Especially now that part of the block is still in the planning and construction phase, up-to-date, concise and fast communication about changes in the routes caused by the progress of the construction site, for example, plays a particularly important role in the daily life of the residents of the completed houses. Sari and Jan also thank the active and positive residents with whom it has been a pleasure to start cooperating.

Up-to-date communication and the flexibility of the property manager saved the sauna night

When the situation requires quick action, communicating with residents through a resident app has been found to be the most effective way in practice. One summer Saturday night could have taken on a different tone without the app and its push features, as the condominium was experiencing both elevator and sauna problems at the same time.

Impressed by the operation, we admired the property manager’s flexible and friendly service attitude, as Jan’s response was, “Writing and sending a message as a push message is very simple and fast, so I was happy to do it even on a Saturday from the home couch.”

Digital communication enables high-quality communication

Once the tedious and time-consuming work steps have been eliminated from communication, the threshold for resident communication has lowered, property managers say. The application has really made it possible to now spend more time on the communication itself, when duplication and tapping are no longer required. Sure, there are still those who don’t use smart devices, but they are served in other ways.

Indeed, property managers want to encourage residents to be even more active in using the available resident application to make the necessary information related to housing available to as many people as possible.

It is currently being considered that the payment option provided by the resident application would also be introduced in the block. It would greatly ease the billing rumba and would be a resource wise solution from the perspective of efficient use of facilities and meeting the needs of residents.

Responsibility and responsible construction

“As the builder of the harpoon block, our goal is to make the block the best in Europe in many different ways,” says Marina Paulaharju, Administrative and Communications Manager of the Seamen’s Pension Fund. “Bringing the digitalisation of housing into the block is one of those things. Others include ecology, energy efficiency, the carbon footprint, the cost of housing, security and community. ”

The block’s functional and nearly an acre-sized gorgeous yard area for all ages, heating and stormwater systems with foam glass layers, geothermal wells and solar panels are practical examples of these factors. Residents’ community and intra-block communication are enhanced by One4all’s housing service platform, with mobile apps and stair screens. When the entire block with its houses is completed, companies operating on stone will also be able to join the scheme and offer residents special benefits.

“As a Finnish player in the employment pension sector, responsibility and responsible construction are important values ​​for the Seafarers’ Pension Fund. The Harpoon block is a superbly responsible residential block that is a pleasure to market and sell to buyers of different ages and backgrounds. ” Marina concludes.

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