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Piloting PNTaccess

Access codes that only work for a predetermined time

We are currently piloting a new service for NAL Asunnot Oy which is inspired by our service vestibule. The service enables the opening of the building’s front door with resident-specific, temporary access codes. The resident generates the access code which is valid for a limited time with the PNTmobile resident application and then distributes it to the right person. 

“We find it important to provide our residents with smooth and safe housing. Our residents have wished for door codes to be introduced in some of our buildings. The corona pandemic and the consequent increased use of food delivery services have increased the need to make it possible to avoid contacts. Temporary access codes are a safer option than a permanent code and we are glad we found a solution that meets our needs through One4all”, says Samuli Killström, CEO of NAL Asunnot Oy.

PNTaccess can be customized according to the customer’s wishes. The customer can name the access codes and modify the code restrictions, for example for how long the code is valid for or how many codes a resident can create in a given time. The service works together with an iLOQ locking system and therefore an iLOQ code reader is required on the front door.

A time-limited access code increases the general housing security

PNTaccess is a security-enhancing solution especially for buildings with no doorbells, but also for buildings with a general door code. When a temporary access code is available there is no longer a need to share the building’s general door code or leave the front door open during a party.

Some of the typical situations where there is a need for a unique and temporary access code:

  • The resident orders food and shares a time-limited access code to the food courier.
  • The resident organizes a party and creates an access code which is valid during the party and then shares it with the guests. 
  • The resident schedules a collection or delivery of an item bought from an online flea market and shares the access code with the buyer/seller. 
  • The resident invites a friend for a visit and wants to avoid walking to the front door.

If you are interested in hearing more about the possibilities of PNTaccess, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]

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