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Generation quarter Sukupolvienkortteli

The Generation Quarter, Sukupolvienkortteli, is a group construction project involving Settlement Apartments, the Helsinki Region Student Housing Foundation HOAS and the Housing Foundation. The actors developed a unique multi-generational housing model in Finland, the Generation Quarter in Jätkäsaari Helsinki, which unites people of different ages.

“In the Jätkäsaari Generation Quarter, community is about spaces, a common yard, common things to do and events. You can live your own life freely in the Generation Quarter, but no one needs to be alone. ”

“At the same time, the block is the return of the village community to the city. People’s knowledge, skills and passions are combined in leisure activities, hobbies and events. Children, young people, adults, seniors and the elderly all live and live in the same block” says coach block Miia (in the picture).

The duties of the block coach include the maintenance of common areas, activities that add value to the residents and the organisation of the program.

There are digital notice boards in each house in the block. Each house can display its own bulletins only on the board of its own house, or on all the screens in the block. Miia updates block events and common areas rules. She also shares important contact information for residents and information about when block coaches are present.

“A lot of praise has been received precisely for the fact that the premises can be booked during the working day and there is no need to scratch the reservations on the spot on the booking calendar,” says Miia.

Miia has received a lot of questions specifically from representatives of various group building projects related to One4all’s resident communication services.

More communality

There are several common areas for residents to use in the quarter. Reservations for common areas are handled via booking calendar on the digital notice boards or in PNTmobile resident communication application. iLOQ access control has been partially implemented to some common areas, where a resident’s reservation gives access to the room.

The PNTmobile resident communication application is also a tool for mutual communication between residents. Through it, residents can send notifications and take advantage of the virtual flea market.

Communalism is emphasized in regional group and block construction projects. Enhanced resident communication through multi-channel communication media is part of the service design of communal housing.

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