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One4all Finland’s digital notice boards will be carbon neutral from here on

The carbon footprint of One4all Finland Ltd’s digital notice board has been calculated and will be compensated for projects that mitigate climate change in the future.

“Carbon footprint management is a sign of responsibility and that’s why it was important for us at One4all to find out how big a carbon footprint our digital stair displays are in order to better meet the needs of a cleaner environment. One4all’s intention is to manufacture and resell a completely carbon-neutral product. ” says Kitte Hamilton, CEO of One4all.

“The construction and real estate industry has created a lot of carbon-neutral goals and for our part we want to offer our customers a product whose carbon footprint has been clarified and compensated.” Kitte Hamilton continues.

The ecological nature of digital communications is concretely manifested in the use of digital notice boards, where customer prints and their delivery are omitted. However, a digital notice board with its components inevitably causes carbon dioxide emissions, mainly through production. One4all’s displays are manufactured in Finland, but almost all materials are imported.

The calculation of the carbon footprint prepared by Nordic Offset was carried out on the basis of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) principle. Life cycle assessment is a standardized way of determining the climate impact of different stages of a product’s life cycle. The production, logistics, installation, use and decommissioning of the display were taken into account in the calculation. As much as 96% of emissions came from the procurement of materials.

Compensation in projects that mitigate climate change

One4all is committed to offsetting CO2 emissions from digital notice boards on an annual basis to various projects that reduce emissions or increase permanent carbon sinks. The targets for the 2021 carbon footprint are the following certified projects:

  • Carbon sequestration in wooden house construction, domestic project
  • Prevention of deforestation in the Rimba Raya Conservation Area, Indonesia
  • Humbo Afforestation Project, Ethiopia

“We are excited to have reached our own targets for a carbon-neutral product. We will follow the progress of the projects with interest and will continue to work on ways to concretely reduce our current carbon footprint”, Kitte Hamilton sums up.

One4all Finland CO2 neutral digital notice board logo
Carbon-neutral digital notice board displays will be identified by this symbol in the future.

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